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We deliver diverse & outstanding tour and adventure travel experiences, a series containing Victoria Falls history and self-guided tours.

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Make your hard-earned cash go further with our essential annual hot-list of where to go for wallet-friendly wandering, whether you’re hunting for a bargain or in search of old-school cheapness.

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There are some tourist attractions that can’t be missed: What makes Victoria Falls good is not just that is funny but that it brings home the brand of the destination that’s already there.

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Booking online through our website is the easiest way to book your tours, activities. You can get the latest special offers, find out about our amazing low fares and avoid booking agent fees.

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With the support of the Sustainable Travel International team, we have been able to take the next step forward. Our work has been instrumental in helping to develop an action plan and identify concrete projects that are realistic, measurable, and designed to achieve maximum impact.

Passionate Travel

For years we have watched the Falcons soar above our rafts, the Kingfishers have above our canoes and for years we have along with million of guests, looked up and wished the universal wish imagine being a bird! Now this dream is brought to life with the high wire adventure products that will simply blow you away.

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